Literature review of a dissertation writing


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A literature review is an overview of your dissertation. It is like a short story in which you have to tell the reader about all the characters of the story briefly.

As an academic writer, you are expected to write an analytical overview of your dissertation. If your audience have less knowledge about the topic than you, then your purpose is instructional. And if your audience knows more than you, then your role is to demonstrate expertise, similarities, and intelligence with the topic of your dissertation.

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The Aim of writing a Literature review

The basic aim of writing a literature review of your dissertation is to show your reader that you have read the dissertation thoroughly. And also have a well-understanding with good grasp of the topic. You can extract information for literature review from any source including online help. It is as like as introductory section or may be a separate assignment. In the literature review, you have to write your research objectives or other issues about you are arguing in your dissertation. You should also write the framework of your further work on the topic.

Your literature should be critical by discussing and showing the insight of the issue. You also have to give awareness about the issue and different arguments written about this issue. So you don’t have to write simple description of what the other publishers have written.

Writing the review

Before start writing a review, you have to read about your topic and complete dissertation. If you need any help, you will be directed towards the area of useful published work like books and novels. Use this help and read out journal articles and books related to your topic. Then decide the parameters of your research such as what are your objectives of writing a literature review.  And what about you are going to write. You also have to write about your method of research i.e. whether it is quantitative or qualitative.

Structure of the literature review

The final structure of your literature review depends on the pattern of your dissertation. What you have to do is, list all the opinions of the other writers in a group and then discuss them one by one. Describe what the first writer says and then jump to the second then third and so on. You have to write some questions in it and then answers of these questions. You have to write all the arguments of the other authors. And then discuss the differences between these arguments.

Searching for sources

Many students find it easy to get sources from the internet. But for the literature review it is better to focus on the academically authoritative text like as journal articles, books, and government publications. So don’t waste your time in internet surfing and read the books that are relevant to your topic or dissertation and pick up references and cite them into the literature review.

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