Dissertation format; guidelines on how to write


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One of the necessary steps of writing a dissertation is dissertation format.

The original research and scholarly work that is shared with academic community is called as dissertation. It is also published for the public community. It is the major part of the academic careers of the students.

In writing a dissertation, its section that is called as dissertation format is very necessarily checked by the committee.

For the consistency of a degree its written presentation research is formatted essentially according to the discipline.

Every dissertation that is submitted to the department, is reviewed by the dissertation format office. If they find any issue with the format of the dissertation, they return the dissertation back to the student for the revision.

So that you should have to format your dissertation in well-organized manner and submit it before the deadline. It is because if the committee will return your dissertation back to you due to any issue, then you will have time for revising and submitting again.

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Here in this article, I am writing some general and specific information about the format of your dissertation.

Some general instruction

There are some general instructions that belongs to all type of dissertations in format. These are written below.


You can enhance the length of your paper by using double space throughout the paper. But don’t use double space between title page, captions, table and figures, quotations, and endnotes.

You can use any standard of font size. All the font standards are acceptable. However, keep in mind that you have to use same font size throughout the dissertation.

The general font size that is usually used is approximately 12. The exception is only for the captions (not smaller than 9) and headings (not larger than 20).

Specific instructions

You have to write some specific things that are written below;

  1. Title page

Here you have to write the title of your dissertation, your name, institution name, and month and year of the degree. The degrees are awarded to the students three times in a year, in moths of May, August, and December.  

  1. Abstract

It is a type of summary of your dissertation. It should be assessed in both conditions, in the dissertation as a section, and independently as summary.

  1. Copyright page

You must have to include this page even if you will not be formally registering for copyright with library.

  1. Dedication

This section may be combined with acknowledgment section. It contains no headings.

  1. Table of Contents

In the table of contents, you have to list all the sections that are included in your dissertation. This will tell the reader what your dissertation consists and how many chapters or sections it has.

  1. List of Figures

Term figure means various non-text items. You have to number the figures consecutively throughout the dissertation. List the number, caption, and page number of each figure.

  1. List of Tables

Type the list of the tables at the top of the page and double space it. List the number, caption, and page number of each table. Tables are also numbered in consecutive manner.

  1. List of Abbreviations

This is also written as same as the figures and tables.

  1. Acknowledgments

It is written on the top of the page and should be double spaced. Then begin to write your remarks.

  1. Bibliography

References should also be written as page numbers and information cited. All the numbers of figures and tables with their page numbers should be cited here.

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