Common mistakes in assignment writing


This guide is based on common mistakes in assignment writing which the students commit unintentionally.

Assignment writing is based on comparatively short research wok. This is a major part of academic careers of the students. Students need to write assignments at every level of their academic careers.

Assignment writing is a fun for those students who are good writers. They have been writing from their school level and growing step by step in their writing careers.

Assignment writing is not utmost difficult task to complete. This is a basic type of writing for the students.

But many students think that assignment writing is an impossible task. The reason behind this thought is that they never came in touch with writing anything.

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When this type of students are imposed a condition to write an assignment, they tend to use illegal sources. Copy/paste work with the help of internet is a big illegal source in nowadays.

Here in this article, I am writing some common mistakes that students generally commit in their assignment writings. Read this guide attentively to know what the common mistakes are, and how you can do correction of these mistakes.

Scattered thoughts

Unprofessional or irregular writer cannot accumulate his thoughts normally at a central point. Hence the students who are part time writers have scattered thoughts about their assignment. They can set a central idea for writing their assignment. But the condition is imposed to write assignment at any cost, then they start writing with scattered thoughts and confused ideas. This type of assignments are rejected by itself.

 Best solution to eradicate this mistake is to think properly about any fixed idea or topic. Compose your all ideas around one central idea. This will give you a well-organized framework of writing your complete assignment.

Unspecific or unknown topic

Sometimes the teachers assign an unknown topic to the students. This a big worry for the students. They feel impossible to write anything on this topic due to having no knowledge about it. On the other hand, some students select an unspecific topic by their own. The reason is they don’t know what type of topic should be selected to write their assignment.

Solution for this problem lies in the understanding of statistics of assignment writing. Students should be aware of what to write and how to write an assignment. In selection of the topic by your own, try to choose that topic on which you have sufficient knowledge to write.

Confused body paragraphs

Many students write their assignment body randomly. They don’t follow any pattern or sequence in writing body paragraphs. They fail to produce coherent paragraphs. This throws a bad impression on the reader. He will not understand what you actually want to say.

Best solution for the correction of this mistake is, make an outline with framework of your writing process. It will help you in writing your paragraphs consecutively and relevant to each other.

Writing new ideas in the conclusion

Many students think that conclusion is based on new ideas. They try to write something new in the conclusion. This is the big mistake.

Solution is, conclude something specific from your first stated ideas. Don’t try to write any new idea here in this section.

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