Assignment writing problems; problems that students face in writing assignments


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Assignment writing is an important part of student’s academic career. Teachers assign a topic to their students for writing the assignment on it. Sometimes they assign an unknown topic to the students with which students never came in touch.

These type of topics create problems for the students in writing their assignments. Many students fell victim of the plagiarism in these type of cases.

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So that, here in this guide I am highlighting some basic problems of writing assignments and their solutions. Read out this article attentively to know what are the basic problems and their solutions.

Unknown topic

Teachers are known for assigning unknown topics to the students. This is the basic and most important problem to be discussed. When you are assigned an unknown topic, try to talk with your teacher for the modification of it. If not possible, then try to understand what about this topic is? Ask some questions that are teasing you about this topic to your teacher. By discussing for some time with your teacher, you will come to know what type of this topic and what you need to write about it.

No research work

After knowing the topic, you must have to research on this topic. This is a major problem of many students that they don’t conduct research on their assigned topic. The students who don’t conduct research work are accused of plagiarism in their assignments. Therefore, after knowing and understanding your assigned topic, do conduct research on this topic. Collect needed data for writing down your assignment. Visit libraries and read some books related to your topic and gather information. You can all search on internet for gathering the data.

No use of examples in the assignment body

Many students don’t pay attention to the use of examples in assignment writings. This is wrong. Example is itself a short story. So you have to write some general examples to convey your message in more convincing way to the reader. This will clear the reader about what you want to say.

Non-specific conclusions

When you will not conduct research on your topic, you will never know what you are writing. If your assignment is a confused work, then conclusion should also not be clear. So you have to understand your topic clearly and then conduct research on it to know as much knowledge as you can about it. Hence you can write a well-organized and informative assignment. When you will write a well-understanding assignment then you can also write a specific and impressive conclusion.

 Grammar problems and spelling mistakes

Many students are not well-known to the English grammar. They also don’t try to improve this. Therefore they face grammar mistake problems in writing their assignments. So you should have to learn basic rules of grammar before writing your assignment. This will help in writing your assignment smoothly.


A number of students don’t proofread their assignment after completing. And some of them proofread their assignment by themselves. Both of these are wrong. Proofreading is very good habit which gives you a chance to locate the mistakes which you have committed in writing your assignment. And another tip is, don’t rely only on your own proofreading. Try to give your assignment to that friend or class-fellow who is better in English than you. He will point out even small mistakes which you could not find.

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