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Dissertation Committee Is An Important Element In The Entire Dissertation Writing Process. These Are The Persons Who Will Evaluate And Approve The Completed Dissertation Of The Degree Students Who Undertake A Dissertation Study At Various Study Levels.

The dissertation committee is therefore often seen as a formidable foe against whom the students prepare their defense questions dissertation.

Dissertation Committee – Your Friends or Enemies!?

Why is Everybody So Afraid Of Their Dissertation Committees?

What Makes Them So Scary?

The process of defense in front of the dissertation committee is compared to the defense of a guilty person in front of the jury in the court. Guys, relax!!! Those people who are sitting in the dissertation committee are people like us, who have their own ups and downs.

Dissertation Committee Wields Much Power Over The Success Of a Dissertation

The dissertation committee comprise of four or five scholars. Out of these scholars usually three members represent the faculty. Once the committee is formed they will meet with the student periodically to review advice and evaluate the student’s progress. Many duties fall upon the dissertation committee. Out of these the points mentioned below are the most important.

  Dissertation Committee To ensure the successful completion of the dissertation.  
  Committee Dissertation To act as the primary advisor to the student during the remainder of the study.  
  Dissertation Committee selection To establish a suitable academic and research training program for the student.  
  Dissertation Committee To make the judgment on the confidence of the student on the dissertation findings through the oral examination in final viva presentation.  
  Committee Dissertation To ensure that any assistance dissertation the student requires is available at all times, so that the student does not give up midway, on this strenuous task.  

Selection Of A Dissertation Committee:

Students have a partial say in the selection of the dissertation committee. Depending on the dissertation subject, a number of committee members will be drawn from the relevant school of studies. Selection requests of the dissertation committee must be done tactfully and with proper consideration. As the student need to have a good working rapport with the committee members, it is best to have a supporting team that will act as coach dissertation to the student. Most often student can select a faculty member they are familiar with as the dissertation advisor or a mentor.

If the student has the liberty to select committee members it should be kept in mind, NOT to select perfectionists; academic staff that are not well respected by the other faculty members or those who are knows to be overly negative. There are also those who are biased in their views and students with different ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, gender etc. may need to make note of these.

How To Impress Your Dissertation Committee?

Some people say that they do not need preparations – this is nonsense. 

The first advice to you is to prepare for your presentation in front of the dissertation committee. In order to sound confident and knowledgeable, you should review your proposal or final draft, read some extra materials on the issue, practice your speech in front of the looking glass.

The second advice gives an answer to the question stated above: you have to be ready for anything- any type of questions, any comment, and any arguments. Keep in mind that your dissertation committee is there to help you learn, so if they start a discussion with you, this does not mean a failure of the defense process. Do not hesitate to speak out and say what you think on the issue you are studying- this is what your dissertation committee expects you to do. They want you to impress them, they want to challenge you and they want you to win.

The third advice for you is to be in the right mood, in the right clothes. You should emit energy and enthusiasm, confidence and understanding, persuading your dissertation committee in your excellence.

When You Realize That Your Dissertation Committee Consists Of Your Friends, Not Enemies, You Will Change Your Opinion About The Process Of Defense.

The dissertation committee wiled much control and power over the student’s chance of completing the dissertation project successfully. Therefore, managing the relationships between the student and the committee members effectively and tactfully is of paramount importance. Meeting progress review deadlines, complying with committee recommendations and writing in accordance to the committee guidelines will lay the foundation for a smooth relationship with the committee members. They will then become a valuable source of dissertation help to the student.

Dissertation Writing Service is a professional writing service, which has many experienced dissertation writers. Dissertation-writing-service.com is knowledgeable in all aspects of writing a dissertation and will help you meet all your progress review deadlines with the committee members.

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